Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Class Summary 6/27/12

Stacey and I used Xtranormal to record our class summary.  Enjoy!

Robotz Movie
by: manatee633

 In case you didn't catch it, our question to you is: Which attributes of CSS do you think you will use the most and least in an educational setting?  Please type your answer in a comment below.



  1. What I liked about CSS is that it can be used to format an entire page or pages provided you save it correctly. I really liked the way we modified a box of text with adjusting the padding to make text inside the box easier to read because of adjusting spacing. This is important especially when creating things for students to read. The thing I would probably use least would be changing the link colors. I think using the basic blue for active, and purple for visited meets the needs of most educational purposes for a website I would make.

  2. If I'm designing a webpage, I think I would use a lot of the CSS features - centering, font, background color, etc.

    In an educational setting, though, I don't think that I would be using this in my classroom. I would use another web creation tool that's a little more simpler for 6th graders.

    For my 8th graders, I might teach them simple HTML and CSS. But overall, I don't see myself using this in my current grade assigment.

  3. What I like about HTML and CSS is that there is more than one way to do multiple things. Formatting the CSS externally is obviously the wisest choice when creating multiple webpages on your website but it's also convenient that you can choose to input the CSS internally in your HTML document if you just want to create one page. In an educational setting, the internal placement of the CSS would likely be the best way to introduce this concept to students. However, I agree with Ibby that I also don't see myself using this with my even younger 3rd grade students. It's too complex for them and using something simpler like Weebly would be much easier for them to understand and way less stressful for their teacher.

  4. I enjoyed learning about CSS. I wish we would have learned more about the different codes and how to use templates we find on the internet. I don't know if I will ever use html or css in a classroom setting but I certainly enjoy learning about it.

  5. I think I would use a lot of the style codes in CSS for creating a website in my classroom. I might not use the style page separately though, because I think I might keep it simple and only use one page for my activity. Hopefully in the future I will get more advanced and use the style page and apply it to multiple pages.

  6. Great job on the summary! I liked how CSS can be saved in a different file and then applied to many pages so that you don't have to continuously add the CSS. I could use CSS to create a class website for a project or for parent communication. It is much more user friendly than changing the look of the site using HTML.

  7. I am pretty sure I would not use CSS in my classroom. I feel that there are other websites out there that require less time to create something for use. I would not have my 3rd graders creating with it as I feel that if I am overwhelmed, they probably would be as well.

    I do like the fact that you can use CSS to format all of the different pages that link from the main page. That saves a lot of time when creating a website.

  8. I really like how you can save the CSS into your own style sheet and then apply it to multiple pages. This makes setting your web page up much simpler and quicker. I'm not sure that my students could use this though. Making sure that every little detail is correct- right down to the commas and periods- may be to detailed for them. I can see them getting frustrated when it doesn't work because their coding isn't quite right.

  9. Thanks for your summary! It was nice to view since I was not in class. My knowledge of CSS has come from viewing the Marcovitz videos. I'm not sure how often I would be able to use CSS in an instrumental music class, however I enjoyed learning how to use the style codes like creating a border to draw attention to different paragraphs.