Monday, June 25, 2012

Letterpop Attempt

When I was writing my first post about Letterpop, I was excited to make newsletters, photo collages, and invitations easily.  Then after exploring the site, I have decided it is not the most effective site for newsletter creation.  First of all, it is not a free tool.  The basic plan costs $4.95 a year which only allows you to share 10 items per year.  Educators can purchase a yearly plan for $39 that allows 365 items to be shared throughout the year.  The educator price would be the most cost effective if this turns out to be a tool that would benefit your classroom.

After attempting to create a sample page, I would not recommend this site for students.  It was very frustrating to make a newsletter.  Each time I accessed the web site, the text boxes were different.  The first time, the text box was not large enough to hold the font format box, so there was no room for me to type my own text.  During my second attempt, the font formatting information moved to the top of the text box, so I was able to type my own text.  However, after I typed my text, and clicked the check mark that means I was finished editing, my text disappeared.  The third attempt allowed me to edit, and kept my text, but when I tried to share the newsletter, it asked me to pay before going any further. 

The video I shared in my previous post persuades and excites users, but the actual tool was a let down.  I am not willing to purchase this web 2.0 tool, so I will not be able to see if the paid version works more consistently.  If you have a paid subscription to Letterpop, please comment to let me know if it was worth your money. 

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  1. Thanks for this valuable review. It is as important to share negative experiences as it is to share positive ones. If it is as flaky as you describe, it will not last long.