Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Aminah's World in the Classroom

All of the web sites I found that linked to Aminah's World were related to art education.  But I would use this web 2.0 tool in my special education classroom.  I teach a primary Multiple Intensive Needs Class (MINC) with students who have severe cognitive disabilities.  I modify the kindergarten curriculum for my students.  Within the kindergarten curriculum, there are a lot of art references.  One of the language arts units is Art All Around.  The students discuss different places they can see art during their day-to-day routine.  They learn about mixing colors, patterns, and how to apply these skills when painting.   

ISTE Technology Standards: When students use Aminah's World, they will meet standard 1 (creativity and innovation) by expressing their creativity through online artwork.

Overall, Aminah's World will help reinforce the art skills learned, and allow my students to explore art in a new way. 

Please comment to share your ideas for Aminah's World, or other art integration web sites and tools.


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