Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Xtranormal Sample

I tried to make a video using Xtranormal.  I was using the free basic plan.  My video turned out alright, but the character is standing backwards for part of the video.  You have a lot of control when creating your videos, but it is important to preview the video before publishing.  I previewed my video once, and was surprised to see the character was turned backwards for the whole video.  I added a camera direction at the start of my dialogue, and assumed that would solve the problem.  The character turns around halfway through the published video.  I did not think I would have to add multiple camera directions throughout my dialogue. 

Here is my video:

Pawz Movie
by: manatee633

Educationally, this tool could be used for many lessons, but I'm not convinced it is worth the monthly fee.  Here are some resources for educational uses of Xtranormal: TeachWeb2.0, BoxofTricks, and TeachingSocialSkills.

ISTE Technology Standards: When students use Xtranormal, they will be meeting the standards 1(creativity and innovation) and 6 (technology operations and concepts).  They will be using prior knowledge to create innovative products, as well as, using and understanding the technological applications.
One of the best features, in my opinion, is the ability to choose a voice from a very multicultural list.  The list of languages is extensive including Spanish, French, Indian, Swedish, German, etc.  This would be valuable for a foreign language class. 

So, I will not be using Xtranormal with my students, but it was interesting to explore. 


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