Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Scribble Maps

Do you use Google Maps or Google Earth with your students?  If you said yes, then Scribble Maps is a great web 2.0 tool for you! 

Scribble Maps lets you or your students scribble, draw, and type on Google maps.  This web 2.0 tool can enhance your social studies lessons.  Students can circle places on a map, and type facts about those cities, states, or countries.  After returning from summer break, they could mark all the places they visited, and then write about their vacations.  Students could choose two locations, research them, and compare/contrast the locations. 

This would be a great site to use in conjunction with a telecollaborative project.  Your students could circle where they live on a map, and type some interesting facts they would like to share.  Then they can email the map to a student in another state or country, and they could share information about where they live.  This would be a fun way for the students to learn about other cultures.

I am going to attempt to make a scribble map...wish me luck!


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