Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Aminah's World Creations

It was very soothing and fun to create my own artwork on the Aminah's World web site.  I made two different creations. 

The first time, I tried to make a scene with the various objects.  I call this Sunset:

The second time, I chose to make something that was more abstract. 

Education connection: I teach students with severe cognitive disabilities, and I know they would enjoy choosing the objects to use to make their own artwork.  The majority of my class is non-verbal, so this would be a great tool for them to use to express themselves.  The web site is easy to use by touching the objects, and moving them around on the "canvas".  My students would be able to create their own artwork on the Smart Board in our classroom.  It is difficult to find web 2.0 tools that my special friends can manipulate independently.  I am excited to try Aminah's World with my class in the fall!  


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  1. Mollie,
    This is an amazing way for students to express themselves creatively. I can't really think of a way my students can use this website but I will definitely show my colleagues this site. Thank you for sharing!